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Brussels International Airport

Hi, I’m Alaizza!

I had an amazing opportunity to live in Europe for a year — in Brussels, Belgium to be exact. But apparently, after a few months of “living the life”, I decided to choose home.

Some may think that I have my life figured out by now, but the truth is, I don’t. I traveled around two other countries in Europe, I currently have ₱X,XXX.XX to my name, unpaid rent, and bills to pay. Basically, I’ve been trying to survive just like everyone else. And to be completely honest, roughly 75% of the reasons why I chose to take that hundred-mile flight back home are not working out…yet. Sucks, I know.

Any regrets? Probably.

Stories to tell? A LOT.

After three years in the making, different usernames — from Girl of the Orient Seas, then Girl Off The Orient, considering that I was set to travel around Europe and Latin America, and that the Philippines was once called as “the Pearl of the Orient” — and realizing that I’m never going to be the perfect representation of any of those, being frustrated for having such limited resources and not having the proper tools that I thought I needed, all the sleepless nights just to research on how these renowned bloggers and “influencers” do it, marketing plans & strategies, and pondering endlessly upon the consequences of portraying a different persona just to be perceived as “interesting” and “ideal”.

I’ve always loved sharing my musings about the simplicities & complexities of life, as well as my adventures.

I figured I just gotta embrace my niche, and stay true to myself.

SO, HERE I AM. I, too, shamelessly aspired to become this and that and everything else but myself for the longest time, and I may not become one of those “bloggers” and “influencers” as I tend to get easily distracted by all things cute (e.g. puppies!!!) and stunning sunsets from time to time, but this is…me. And this is how my life roll…in the most genuine way possible.

I try to pause, I try to be immersed in the present, I try to remember every single detail. I point, I click, that’s it. 

Life is too short, so I am here, just courageously writing about the good and the ugly truths and the moments in between, and all my personal experiences that I’ve been dying to share, and finally doing what I love the most — with a renewed zest for life.

Adventures (& misadventures), yes?

Alaizza ♡

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